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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

To help you take better care of your garage door and avoid accidents or breakdowns, we’ve compiled a list of tips that any homeowner can benefit from putting into practice. Read on for some free advice from our experts.

Lubricate moving metal parts

Moving metal parts of garage doors need constant lubrication in order to remain functional and to continue working with as little friction as possible. Torsion springs, steel rollers, and hinges should be applied with this type of treatment on a regular basis. If you use a substitute lubricant, like cooking oil for example, dirt and grime may begin to accumulate and that would eventually lead to problems and breakdowns. Only use the appropriate products that are made specifically for garage door lubrication in order to avoid dealing with issues later on.

Keep the tracks clean

Many garage door owners understand the importance of regular maintenance and see to it that their door is properly lubricated and examined regularly. However, the tracks are often neglected, which can end up being a big problem due to their proclivity to start accumulating debris, dust, and dirt that can end up becoming blockages. It's important to clean the tracks regularly to ensure this doesn't happen.

Don't go anywhere until the door is completely shut

Don't leave the garage door half open and move away! There's always a risk that someone or an animal will sneak in the last minute, or that some type of issue will cause it to remain open. If your opener doesn't have a timer-to-close function the door may remain open like that all day, which can be bad for a number of reasons, and will make things a lot easier on burglars.


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