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Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

If you’re looking for assistance with repairing your garage door, give one of our highly trained technicians a call today to have it restored and working as good as new.

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Automatic garage doors are a fantastic addition to those households looking for a convenient solution to better protect their families from outside intrusions. They are strong, sturdy, and bring unprecedented ease to coming and going from your house. Unfortunately, even these mighty appliances are subject to damages from time to time from an array of sources such as old age, minor or major accidents and the harmful effects of extreme weather. So if yours at home have been acting up lately, then contacting a technician who specializes in garage door repairs is all you need to do to have it up and running again.Garage Door Repair Services

Why you might need Repair Services

As strong as they are, garage doors can be damaged slowly overtime, or without warning due to a number of sources. Rust caused by damp or coastal weather can quickly take root on your components, and spread as it significantly weakens the structural integrity of items like springs, hinges, tracks and cables. When this happens, they can become unsafe to use, and should be replaced immediately. Galvanic corrosion which damages your parts in a similar way, is caused by their contact with electrified metals. These grey blights will spread through your metallic items, and eventually destroy them.When these afflictions take hold of your door’s components, calling for assistance from a garage door repair technician will have them restored in no time.

Opener Repair

Your garage door opener is also subject to damages being inflicted on it by the friction of its moving parts. This friction will slowly but surely wear down the components of your opener until it becomes ineffective or inoperable. If your motor is underperforming or is making alarming noises during its operation, you may need to have it or its components replaced by a technician.

Emergency garage door repairs

At Garage Door Repair Studio City we understand that damages like this need to be seen to as soon as possible, which is why we offer same day services on our emergency callouts for garage door repairs.

Give us a call today and speak to one of our consultants for more information on having your doors restored.

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