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Garage Door Replacement Near Studio City, CA

Garage Door Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Perry wanted to up the curb appeal of his home by getting his current garage doors replaced with fresh ones.
Our Solution: Out of the various options we discussed with Mr. Perry, he ultimately chose Windsor Model 730 doors for his garage. They had the properties he had been hoping for such ranch panels, and the ability to be thoroughly insulated. Our experts disconnected the current doors from the openers, springs, and cables before taking them off the tracks. We then installed the new ones in their place.

Roy Perry - Studio City
Spring Replacement | Universal City | Studio City, CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Savor caught her springs as their expected service life was running out. She decided not to wait for them to break before replacing them.
Our Solution: Intact spring replacement is always easier than broken spring replacement. Easing the tension out of the torsion springs let us carefully remove the cones, and then the springs themselves. After cleaning and oiling the spindles, our new springs went in.

Lucy Savor - Universal City
Track Replacement | Toluca Lake | Garage Door Repair Studio City, CA

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the tracks chipped apart during use, presumably due to an unnoticed crack that had been growing.
Our Solution: After getting the door out of its tracks and putting it aside, our technicians removed all the track’s screws and got every piece of it out. Its counterpart didn’t have any visible damage or weak spots, so after replacing the one, oiling the new track, and reinstalling the door, they went ahead and tested.

Shelly Frank - Toluca Lake
Panel Replacement | Garage Door Repair Studio City, CA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged bottom panel.
Our Solution: The part of the door that needed replacing was the bottom panel, which got damaged accidently after the customer's son didn't wait for the door to fully open before driving out. We helped Mrs. Houston obtain a new panel that matched the color and design of her door, and then removed the section that broke and fitted the door with the new one.

Brenda Houston - Studio City
Opener Replacement | Garage Door Repair Studio City, CA

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: Old opener reached the end of its life.
Our Solution: We began by asking the customer what he was looking to get from his new motor unit, and then made our recommendations accordingly. The model he ended up choosing was the Genie 3024 belt drive opener that boasted powerful yet near silent operation. After installing it, we showed Mr. Paul how to use his phone to control the new unit.

Owen Paul - Sherman Oaks
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Garage Door Repair Studio City, CA

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: The door couldn't open more than a few feet high.
Our Solution: After making sure that the problem wasn't the result of electrical glitches and checking the opener's travel limit settings, we began checking the condition of the hardware parts. It took us very little time to discover some serious bending (probably the result of an accidental collision) which we proceeded to repair on the spot. When we were done, the door could fully open again.

Kyle Washington - Valley Village
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